House Rules

Crafting Non-Magical Potions

Since most of the process of brew a non-magical potion is steeping various herbs and compounds in a liquid base, the rule for crafting this type of potion is as follows:

  • The character must spend one 8 hour period of downtime crafting (accounting for 5gp worth of the work requirement),
  • The potion must sit in its brewing apparatus for a number of days equal to the remaining work requirement / 5.

For instance, a common Potion of Healing (which, according to the PHB is a non-magical potion) costs 50gp, meaning that there is a 25gp raw material cost, and a 25gp work requirement. So the character must spend one 8 hour downtime period working on prepping the potion, and another 4 (20 / 5 = 4) days waiting for it to be ready.

Wild Magic Surges

As showcased in the PHB, it is extremely rare for a wild magic surge to occur. Where is the fun in that? The new rule for wild magic surges is as follows:

We treat the wild magic surge roll as a Wild Magic check with a DC of 2 (success means no wild surge occurs). For every spell that gets cast by the sorcerer, the DC increases by one until a wild magic surge is automatic. The DC resets to 1 after a long rest. This reflects the drain on the sorcerer from casting spells – the longer you spend casting spells, the more tired you become, the less accurate you are, the less you care about proper form… the more likely your magic causes some form of wild magic surge.

House Rules

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