Crusaders of the Keep

The One Where They Fight a Canadian Rapper

The group backs out of the bat cave and take a short rest. They then head back into the bat cave trying to not disturb the bats. At the back of the room are two exits: the left exit leads into a room with a drop off, the right exit leads down stairs to a leather curtain. They choose to go right.

Aoidee and Donken try to listen for anything on the other side of the curtain. They don’t hear anything but they notice that the curtain is covered in little hooks. Donken uses his shield to open the curtain without getting “hooked.” Air on the other side of the curtain is warm, moist, and smells of rotten meat.

Sigr recons the room and finds several hampers full of slabs of meat in various states of decay. Aoidee asks pointed questions and determines that this is probably a stash of meat for dragon(s). Sigr collects two of the hooks from the curtain, almost getting snagged on one in the process. Sigr asks Miri if there is any poison on the hooks. She determines that there is some sort of residue on it, but she isn’t sure if it is poison.

They head back the other way into the room with the drop off. Sigr sneaks in to do some recon. Just before entering the room he notices the floor is covered with paper that is painted to look like a cave floor. He slides a dagger under the paper to see what’s underneath. There is a pit about 2 feet deep with spikes in the bottom. They skirt around the pit. There are 5 kobolds in the room. Sigr tries to sneak up to them for a sneak attack but one of the kobolds sees him. Sigr throws a dagger and misses. Battle ensues. A side effect of the battle is that Miri is immune to the effects of alcohol for the next 15 days.

Sigr goes down the stairs next to the drop off and finds a wrought iron door at the bottom. Sigr picks the lock and stealthily opens the gate. He hears a sigh and sees a medium-sized lizard-looking creature laying on the ground at the back of the room. Aoidee recognizes it as a drake. Miri casts Witchbolt at the drake. The drake roars loudly. Battle ensues.

They head up the stairs to area 8. There is a click and the ceiling collapses on the party. They reach the top of the stairs and are greeted by 12 angry kobolds. Battle ensues.


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