Crusaders of the Keep

My Love For You is Like a Truck...

e39a6cb658db6d123e987f6cf88673a5.jpg The party engages in combat with Langedrosa Cyanwrath and his guards. Aoidee is taken aback by how much damage they have done to one of the guards without bringing him down. They eventually kill the guards. The half-dragon moves strategically, grins evilly, and then unleashes his lightning breath weapon, knocking Donken, Sigr, and Akta unconscious. Miri casts sleep from the ceiling, knocking Langdedrosa unconscious.

After reviving the unconscious party members, Miri ties Langdedrosa up. They search the room and find a chest on a dais underneath the relief of the 5 headed dragon. Sigr inspects the chest and finds a trap trigger underneath one of the corners of the chest. He fails to disarm the trap and instead picks the lock on the chest.

They make their way back to the Kobold barracks and set about to get some rest. While Robin is on the last watch, he hears someone coming up the stairs yelling something in draconic. He wakes Aoidee up to translate. The kobold is looking for his watch replacement and is pissed off that they’re so late. Without getting out of bed, Aoidee pulls out her bow and arrow and kills the kobold.


AdrianHannah AdrianHannah

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