The year is 1489 DR. A ragtag bunch of adventurers were hired to accompany caravan delivering farming supplies from Scornubel to Greenest. Herein, lies the tales.

The Cast

  • Aoidee Greenbottle – A lively halfling ranger with a penchant for all things alcohol.
  • Anna – A drow cleric
  • Donken – A vivacious paladin of Torm. The only thing he loves more than a good fight, is talking about Torm to anybody who will listen.
  • Miri Evenwoode – A temperamental sorceress, bent on vengeance against the people that destroyed her home.
  • Robin – An investigator for the Greenest city watch.
  • Sigr af Reykr – A forlorn, secretive dwarf who brews beer.

Crusaders of the Keep

AdrianHannah Mirithe charlesthomas thomasryanp Donken Aoidee